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Green Grosser is an educational website devoted to the succinct explanation of financial services, products and general information. The site is intended for a general audience looking for tips, advice and articles to help them save more money, improve their finances, and “Gross More Green.” The content of this site will have information targeted towards all financial demographics, from homeowners, students and parents to retirees, stockholders and even financial professionals seeking to gain an edge and get promotion through publications. Lessons and articles are welcome through online submissions. All information will be reviewed for compliance, brevity and clarity before being permitted on the site. These presentations are designed for 60 second videos. Advertisements in the form of images and videos relevant to financing are also welcome. As of now this is not a for-profit endeavor.

Green Grosser is intended to respond to the high demand for knowledge in the field of finance. We seek topics of interest for all ages and paths in life. Clarification of this subject matter is the primary goal and communication in a concise clear format is the intention. We always seek suggestions on how to make the site better, most informative, and ideas on what may best serve the population.

Matt H

Matt H

Development Leader

Leader of website development and site management. Currently a senior doing this website for Capstone. Enjoys fine dining and ballroom dancing.

Matthew Kelly

Matthew Kelly


Matthew is a team member on this team.

Melia Ochsner

Melia Ochsner


Graduating Senior from Arcadia University. Designer and Developer of Green Grosser.