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How to Find your Financial Advisor

The Financial Advisor’s job is to identify your needs and goals and guide you to them with as little risk as possible. Financial Advisors should be able to share with you a value statement, which could be as follows: “My job is to help you realize your financial dreams, while helping you avoid pitfalls you never even knew existed…”

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What is a TAP 529 Investment Plan?

The TAP 529 Investment Plan allows you to invest nine professionally managed mutual fund portfolios based on one of three factors: age, tolerance for investment risk, and preference for socially responsible investing. The investment plan options are all very different, and are structured to meet specific investment needs…

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What are Roth IRAs?

This is your Green Grosser, helping you gross green today. Now we will be discussing a Roth IRA or Individual Retirement Account. A Roth IRA is a personal savings plan that can be started at any age. This may be set up at a financial institute such as a bank or a traditional brokerage firm…

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What are Treasury Inflation Protection Securities?

Treasury Inflation Protection Securities, better known as TIPS, provide protection against risk when owning a Treasury security. TIPS help an investor have a safe guard from the fluctuations of inflation. TIPS are best used during periods of rising interest rates and rising inflation…

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What are Zero-Coupon Treasuries?

A Zero-Coupon Treasury is a bond in which you do not receive periodic coupons or regular interest payments over a period of time to maturity, instead, it is issued at a discount and matures on a specific date. Zero-Coupon treasuries are direct obligations of the U.S. Government and are considered some of the safest investments available…

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