This is your Green Grosser, helping you gross more green today.  Now we will discuss what you should seek in a good financial adviser.  A FA’s job is to help you achieve your goals with as little risk as possible.  In getting you from point A to point B, to meet your goals a good FA will also make sure you avoid pitfalls that you never even knew existed. This may be part of the value statement that every FA should have.  Your FA must listen carefully, have experience, and be sensitive to your needs and concerns.  The FA should help you prepare a structured financial plan and be willing and able to implement your plan over time with a disciplined process of regular reviews and information updates.  Your FA should also explain all costs an fees upfront offering a broad range of investments choices and be available to answer any questions making you comfortable at all times.  Today financial advisers must receive continuing education credits to keep their licences current.   If you are knowledgeable and in tune with your investment strategy may you reap the rewards of a well laid financial plan and good rapport with your financial adviser.  From, this is your Green Grosser with your tip to help you gross more green today.