This is your Green Grosser, helping you gross green today. Now we will be discussing the TAP 529 Investment Plan or Tuition Assistance Program. The TAP 529 Investment Plan allows you to invest nine professionally managed mutual fund portfolios based on one of three factors: age, tolerance for investment risk, and preference for socially responsible investing. The investment plan options are all very different, and are structured to meet specific investment needs. You may choose one option, or split your saving among all three options. All earnings on the TAP 529 plan are tax deferred on earnings for federal and, in most cases, state income tax purposes, while they remain in the account. The GSP program, also known as the Guaranteed Savings Plan of the state-sponsored program is within the TAP 529 Plan and can help your savings grow more. Through the GSP option, you open an account that is guaranteed by the state to grow as much as the increase in tuition costs between the times when you make contributions to the account and when the student is ready to enroll in college. It lets you save for tomorrow’s college education at today’s lower prices. From, this is your Green Grosser with your tip to help you gross green today.